The Arihant Automation & Engineering Services QA Lab is an independent Testing Department that strives to provide best-in-class testing and QA services. Powered by a workforce of professionals and having good experience in the field of Switchboard testing, we aim to provide a complete range of testing services, while keeping the customer satisfaction at its core.
We are well equipped with a high-end technical testing devices that make us competent enough to test the panel cent percent.

Primary Injection Kit (8000Amp)
High Voltage Test Kit (70KV)
High Voltage Test Kit (5KV)
Insulation Resistance Meter
Contact Resistance Meter
Secondary Injection (Relay Test Kit)
Milli Volt Drop Test Kit
Coat Gauge
amp. Metr Test Kit
Ct Polarity Test Kit
Regulated Supply AC to DC
Power Supply Arrangement

Primary Injection Kit

Secondary Injection Kit

70KV Insulation Tester

Contact Resistance Kit

For powder coating testing we have comprehensive laboratory with mechanical & chemical testing facilities(Non Desructive Testing & Desructive Testing).

The chemical side includes Salt Spray Test, titration equipments like oven, hot plates and precision plates to support phosphate grammage.

The mechanical facilities includes Impact tester, Mandrel bending, Glass meter, Scratch etc.

Our Testing Facilities


Inspection of assembly including wiring
Continuity test
Insulation resistance test by(megger) 1000V DC
High voltage by H V tester 2.5KV for 1 min


Short circuit withstand test as per IS 8623 ( part I ) 8.2.3 - 1993
Temperature rise test as per IS 8623 ( part I ) 8.2.1 - 1993


Primary injection test
Secondary injection test
Heat run test


Primary injection test
Secondary injection test
Heat run test